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Ready for dollmaster?

2008-03-30 13:07:43 by KUKOLNIK

I'm very old author here, for sure... But for now, I'm really ready to start new line of my art. I don't want to tell ya' my old & past nick names, cuz'... Well, I just don't want, okay? Anyway, I still remember, that somebody called me a real "NG legend dude", cuz' I sent a lot of stuff to this place before...

Somebody told me about my art styles... Somebody just like my stick movies before...

But... For now... Guys... I just fucked this kid's stickmans & fuckin' funny bla-bla-bla cartoon cute styles. I'm ready for serious submissions & I want to create something perfect, than before.

Yeah, yeah, I'm fuckin' russian guy and I'm still a little suck with english language, but who cares... It's not grammatic portal or somethin'...

Whatever... Just wait of awesome things. Maybe I'm suck for scripts (ideas & stories), but I want to shock all of ya' with nice graphic for sure. If somebody can write nice stories, please contact me.

Well... I just keep tryin' to amaze somebody. I know, I know... It's just empty words, or somethin'... Argh... Anyway... I'm drunk and ready for creative work...


Ready for dollmaster?


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